Starting a Small company, Again and Again


We've been beginning small businesses since we first got married over 26 years ago ... this is a list of all the things that succeeded and not so successful.


We started offering a book that I had actually written as a Thesis project called "Mother Nature’s Remedies: The First Season" went into the niche magazines like "Mother Earth News" and "Organic Gardener"... didn't sell a one which was pricey marketing dollars with no return.


The Savings and Loan scandal had struck Houston, where we were living at the time, and we started a Landscape business ... first with the idea of doing "Landscaping". We had a partner with a Botany degree and experience, but since individuals were entering into foreclosure and commercial property was a bust, we chose to do Lawn Maintenance rather. We assembled fliers and took them to every Realtor out there.


Because there were so many FHA and VA foreclosures and they were integrated in class with Home Owners Associations ... the FHA and VA needed to "Maintain" the backyards or the Home Owners Associations would put liens on the houses for the infraction of Home Owners Association Agreements. Our little company got agreements to preserve backyards of foreclosed homes at the tune of 80 houses a day and at 25.00/ backyard. We started out doing the work ourselves, but it got to be to much, so we needed to hire "Subcontractors" to do the lawns we couldn't. Why "Subcontractors"? Cause we didn't wish to spend for workmen comp. They used their own trucks but our equipment ... sometimes they used our trucks ... they would bill us per lawn and we would bill the Realtors that listed the homes. It was a lucrative company and a lucrative company. To get more information about Business click on startup-me .


At the exact same time, I began to work for an Interior Designer in Houston that had an extremely nice reputation. Because of her technique, that company was effective. This likewise, was a lucrative and successful company and I was able to learn some business principles from Athalee that have actually paid off.


When we moved from Houston to Idaho, I applied those exact same principles in order to put my business in a various state, however the frame of mind simply wasn't there. Working with a "yard maintenance" company or an "interior designer" just had not been a thing that was done here. These were Do-It-Yourselfers" and "Home-made" type people that didn't have the extra income to "hire" it done, nor did they have the inclination to have it "taught" to them, so those companies didn't work here.


It was a brand-new company, one I have actually run since 1991 and been successful at. As my clients began to grow, I would re-invest in better equipment. Word of mouth and my track record started my company growing, programs and the success of my students kept my credibility solid and my business effective.


When I was in school, grade school, I started making skin care items and cosmetics. I worked for a medical company that was a subsidiary of Baylor College of Medicine and started work in Nutritional Oncology methods. Studies and trials put forth by the FDA are incredibly expensive and prejudiced to boot, so I chose that I did not desire to launch this formula with FDA constraints.


About that time Congress passed an expense for Supplements that fit our company to a "Tee". We formed a corporation, put a board of directors together with physicians and pharmacists and proceeded in this endeavor ... which turned out to be a total disaster. We followed all the SBA standards, we went to the Economic Development Center and got assistance ... and, the physicians, pharmacists and veterinarians were utilizing our items and testing them out and we had a 98 % success rate on everything we put out ... and it still failed. My husband was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance and couldn't stand the restrictive diet plan.


As a research study Scientist, I understood that Sugar Alcohols still absorb, I understood that Aspartame was a glutamate and would raise his insulin causing greater problems with his blood sugar ... Splenda was no great, as Chlorine it would raise his blood pressure and trigger some other problems ... so he asked me to come up with an option. I began another company in Functional Foods. I desired the product that I developed to not just be a sweetener, however to include health benefits to the body as well. Sweeteners are a funny thing ... the body can't tell one sugar from another and synthetics, well the body just don’t understand what to do with them! The transport systems of sugars however do know the distinction, that is why there is a transport system for glucose and one for Fructose. I created a sugar that might decrease blood sugar and hinder carb absorption.


We began our company and in a few months, we were making, in a week after making a percentage, we had our very first sale, in a couple of more weeks we had our first nationwide sales, in a couple months we were selling 100,000.00/ month to an extremely well understood, nationwide company and to among the countries leading Senior Health Care Facilities. Since August of 2003, this company has sold "SugarBlend" nationally to our customers.


There were lots of business partners along the method that desired to steal everything, there have been financiers along the way that desired to take everything ... we've been in court a couple of times because of this ... a potential financier stole an 18,000.00 check off from a desk and cashed it in ... that practically put us under. Our company is still going strong and our product sales are still climbing up, development is sluggish and methodical, which is a conservative development, but it's a development.


Exactly what advice would I offer to those that want to begin a little company and be successful? Next, Get your ducks in a row, choose how you desire your company to run, to move and to grow. Be aware of business partners ... do you require one?